Carex Upeasy Seat Assist - Chair Lift And Sofa Stand Assist - Portable Lifting Seat With Support Up to 200 Pounds, Provides 70% Assistance



Brand: Carex Health Brands

Color: Transparent


  • INCREASE YOUR MOBILITY. Contains (1) Carex Upeasy Seat Assist portable lifting seat and chair assist. For increased mobility in the home or anywhere. This portable seat lift is lightweight (only 9 pounds) and has a built-in carry handle.
  • WORKS ON MOST ARMCHAIRS, COUCHES, AND SOFAS. Use inside or outside the home on most armchairs and sofas. The standing aid is portable so you can also take it on the go. Trust Carex Health Brands, a leader in creating lift chairs for elderly.
  • SELF POWERED. A lift assistance device for elderly, handicap, or disabled that is also self-powered. The hydro-pneumatic gas spring in the chair lift releases slowly as the user begins to stand, no batteries needed.
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT. The lift seat is very comfortable. The 100% polyester cover is machine washable & the polyurethane foam cushion is easy to care for. Cleaning is quick by wiping with a damp, soapy cloth.
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Consider a leader in elderly assistance products, Carex is also a leader with chair risers. Our patented LeveLift Technology ensures a gentle & safe lift without pushing forward. The affordable alternative to a Lift Chair.
  • Care: coated foam cushion cleaned with mild detergent
  • Helps keep people active and independent
  • The Affordable Alternative to a Lift Chair
  • It’s Portable, Affordable and It Works
  • Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength
  • No electricity is required for operation
  • When flexing the seat, right-handed people can use their left forearm and body weight to arch the seat on a stable surface and engage the piston with their right hand.

Package Dimensions: 95x483x3992

Release Date: 01-06-2005

Details: Product Description

The Carex Upeasy Seat Assist (Standard) is an economical portable lifting seat for those who need help to stand. Using a hydro-pneumatic gas spring, it is fully self-powered and does not require electricity. Activates automatically as the user stands, lifting up to 70% of their weight up to 200 lbs. Patented LeveLift Technology ensures a safe, gentle lift without pushing you forward. Truly portable, it weighs just 9 pounds, has a built-in carry handle and works on most armchairs or sofas. The standard Upeasy Seat Assist features a washable 100-percent polyester cover and polyurethane foam cushion for easy care. PLEASE NOTE: If, after setting your Upeasy to the proper weight setting, the cushion does not go down when you sit on it, the lifting mechanism may be stiff from prolonged inactivity. In this case, simply set the weight setting at the lowest level, and sit on the cushion a few times until you feel it moving freely again. Then reset for your weight.

From the Manufacturer

Rise Easily From A Chair or SofaThe Affordable Alternative to a Lift Chair

Doctor recommended
Easy to use
Promotes independence
Includes free instructional video

It’s Portable, Affordable and It Works!

Very SafeFlexible cushion curves to flattened seating surface.  This patented design allows for a stable and safe lift.  Patent No. 5316370
ConvenientA removable, machine washable cover in Marine Blue is included with your Upeasy.  Other colors sold separately.
Durable for Years of UseFire retardant, water resistant coating protects the surface of the foam cushion.
Super ComfortableHigh density, polyurethane foam cushion is molded to body contours for extra comfort.
Extremely Easy to UseWeight setting slots provide easy adjustment for weights from 95lbs / 43 kg to 340 lbs / 154 kg – depending on the model.
Totally Self-PoweredLifting arm activates slowly as you begin to stand, lifting up to 80% of your weight.  No electricity or batteries are required.
Non-Slip SecurityInjection molded, durable ABS plastic base has a non-slip material bottom that prevents the cushion from sliding.
Light and PortableWeighs only 9 pounds.  When lifting arm is disengaged, the cushion flattens for easy transport.  Built-in handle makes it easy to carry anywhere.

“I like the fact that I don’t have to help my husband out of his chair anymore!” ~ R.C., Fitchburg, MA
“Upeasy provides a good gentle lift that removes stress from my arms, legs and back.” ~ P.C., South Australia
“I have an electric lift chair but I bought Upeasy to take with me when I go into homes for a visit.” ~ C.P., Mansfield, OH
“I know I can go anywhere now with my Upeasy lifting cushion and I’ll be able to get up…especially at church ad the theatre.” ~ M.J., Randolph, MA
Upeasy Lifting Cushion Specifications

Base DimensionsDepth:  16 in / 41cm, Width:  15 in / 38 cm

Seat DimensionsDepth:  19 in / 48 cm, Width:  17 in / 43 cm

Seat HeightOpen:  10 in / 26 cm, Flat:  2 in /5 cm

Weight:  9lb / 4 kg  

Model UPE 1One Year Warranty

UPC: 042331002001