Chair Rail Chair Assist for Elderly Patient Lift Aid Bed Rails for Elderly Seat Lift Assist-Couch Support Grab Bar Mobility Standing Aid for Recliner Couch Sofa



Brand: KAVIL


  • Seat Lift Assist : Ergonomic Safety grab bar provides balance and support for sitting and standing motions, help patient, elderly to stand up easily from most couches, chairs, or recliners.
  • Multifunction Handrail:Grab bar have 3 cushioned support handles aid for who need to sit down or rising from different seated positions. Special design for help rising from the floor and bend or crouch down to pick something up.
  • Bed Rails For Elderly: Ideal standing handrail assist disable, seniors, elderly to get in and out of bed or stand and prevent them fall down.
  • Sit to Stand Assistant : Rheumatoid arthritis patients, disability, seniors,pregnant, elderly, suffering from sciatica, knee replacement, prevent them from slip or fall down.
  • Lightweight and Portable:Height-33 inch. This handicap grab bar is easily move to needed spots.Great for assist stand from toilet and helpful for doing gardening or household tasks.

Package Dimensions: 91x561x2758

Details: Bed Rails For Elderly Seat Lift Assist Chair Lift Devices Grab Bar For Bed Stand Assist Elderly Aids for Living

Warm Prompt:

1) It is not recommended for very frail people over 80 years of age.

2)Maybe it can’t support who over 200LB.

3) Add weights at the shelf base or wedged it securely under the furniture item, will enhance balance.

4)Please find the assembly steps in the video.

5)Please don’t rest all your weight on the grab bar.

When using it your feet should be on the floor and you sitting on the furniture- while transiting from one to the other.

When using it as a get-up aid, your other hand can be propped up on the bed.

Height :

33 inch
Stand Up Assist:

The Stand Assist allows individuals to rise from chairs, sofas and recliners with greater ease.

Great for assist to stand up from kneeling or squatting position

Fashion Design:

Super grip rubber and foam pads ensure stability and protect your floor from damage.

Perfect Grab Bar for Bed:

It’s much smaller than the add-on bed rails and won’t leave a lump under the mattress.

Portable Chair Assist for Elderly :

It is lightweight and protable, could move it around the house as you need.
Help user get up off the ground, sofa, swivel recliner, bed independently.

Improve their self-confidence and protect their dignity.

Best Choice of :

Who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago, after hip or knee,spinal fusion surgery, therapists, nursing, hospital.