Easy to Use Products Mobility Dual Hooks - Bag, Cane, or Light Holder



Brand: Easy To Use Products

Color: Black


  • 360-DEGREE ROTATION: Our lightweight, high-quality dual transport hooks can rotate a complete 360° to allow for easy hanging no matter where you decide to install them.
  • HANG YOUR ITEMS ANYWHERE: You can install these hooks on a rollator or upright walker, scooter, or other medical mobility device for easy access to your purse, tote, pouch, shopping bag, and more!
  • DOUBLES AS A CANE HOLDER: Unlike other mobility holders that can only hold items like bags and purses, our Dual Mobility Hooks can be used to hang a cane securely to a walker, scooter, or wheelchair. Hooks expand out to hold a cane up to 1″ in diameter
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Our hooks require no tools for installation, and the instructions for assembly are included. The parts can be easily assembled and attached to a mobility device with no hassle.
  • EASY TO USE PRODUCTS: We believe in creating easy-to-use consumer products and attachments for seniors and otherwise handicapped individuals to help with day-to-day living needs.

Package Dimensions: 68x122x68

Details: There aren’t many places to hang items on standard walkers, scooters, or wheelchairs. Hanging items like bags or lanyards on one of these mobility devices can be quite the hassle and may even be hazardous. If hung incorrectly, a heavy bag may upset the balance of your device, drag on the floor, or get caught, causing a number of disruptions or potential accidents. Our heavy-duty Mobility Dual Hooks are the perfect tool for your walker, scooter, and wheelchairs. These mobility hooks are made from durable materials and a rubber-like loop that can stretch to attach to most mobility devices. Use these hooks to hang bags, satchels, and other items on your mobility device so you can have easy access to them while moving around. These hooks can rotate a complete 360° to allow for portable, no-hassle hanging. Not only can these hooks carry bags and sacks, but they can also be used to securely hold a cane. If you need to move around during the night, these hooks can also hold a flashlight to increase visibility in unlit rooms, hallways, closets, and more! The hooks are easy to install and attach to your preferred mobility device without the need for any tools or altering of your mobility device. When assembled, these hooks measure 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2″ and weigh only 0.2 lbs., so there is no need to worry about the hooks affecting the balance of your mobility device. Buy our Mobility Dual Hooks to experience simple and effective portability for your regular or rolling walker, sit-down or knee scooter, or any other mobility device. *Contains rubber material in the strap

UPC: 711379007636