Jabees Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors - PSAP Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aid - Use BHearing Headphones for a Crystal Hearing, Noise Reduction, Feedback Cancellation, Dual Microphones



Brand: Jabees


  • ✔【BETTER HEARING IN DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS】 After you go through a personalized fitting (no doctor’s visit needed!), you can access your preset modes as necessary for different social settings: General, Traffic, Restaurant, and Outdoor. The BHearing app allows you to fine tune these profiles in real time and it also automatically selects a preset based on ambient volume. If you needed to adjust the frequencies for a further customized hearing experience, you have access to 32 frequency bands.
  • ✔【ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING TECHNOLOGY】 Focuses on what you want to hear and filters out extra noise. This is made possible with a multifaceted system that includes the BHearing App, Smart Hearing Processing Engine, and BHearing headset. This device leads the market in EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) reduction. They use two directional microphones to further alleviate noise. Finally, INR (Impact Noise Reduction) technology automatically suppresses sharp impact sounds to prevent harm to your hearing.
  • ✔【SECURE, COMFORTABLE, AND STYLISH】 The device easily clips around your neck with a magnetic clasp. The neckband is made from IPX4 with nano-coating, which allows the device to be sweatproof. It comes included with small, medium, and large in-ear tips for the ultimate in comfort and fit. These headphones provide discreet sound amplification anywhere from your home to the gym, so you hear better wherever you go.
  • ✔【ON THE GO CHARGING】 Nonstop charging is made possible by multiple batteries. By bringing the charging case with you, you can swap out batteries as needed and leave the spare to recharge in its case. This rechargeable hearing aid can be recharge by plugging the charging cable directly into the neckband or you can connect the charging cable to the charging case. Each battery lasts 5 hours and you get 3 charges from the charging case.

Package Dimensions: 58x221x522

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BHearing is your personal amplifier and works to help you hear your conversations better in a variety of environments. Unlike most devices,
BHearing is discreet and stylish. It also outperforms several competing brands in terms of noise reduction, feedback cancellation,
and long battery life. Plus, it has unparalleled customizability, allowing you to save changes to 32 frequency bands.

It is also sweatproof and comes with a compact carrying case. Use it with a Hearlink to use BHearing with your TV!

Product Specifications

* Bluetooth DSP chip by Microchip
* Multi-Use Functionality: Boost your hearing, answer phone calls, and listen to music
* Multipoint capability, so you can connect to 2 phones at the same time
* High-fidelity sound with built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
* Sweat proof IPX4 with nano-coating
* Maximum OSPL (Output Sound Pressure Level): 116dB
* Average full-on gain: 40dB
* Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): 16.9dB
* AFC (Adaptive Feedback Cancellation) – Applies the algorithm for howling suppression
* MFA (Millisecond Frequency Adjustment)
– To detect and analyze High Definition Voice from 20Hz to 20,000Hz and identify high frequency consonants
then processing it in real-time with minimaldistortion and maximum clarity.
* 32-Level EQ adjustments – be applied on hearing amplifiers, music and phone calls.
* Comes with a carrying pouch, BHearing Headphones, 2x batteries (one for the headset and one for the charging case),
charging case, In-Ear Sports Tips (S, M, L), USB cable, and a User Manual.

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