Jungle Care Faye | Hearing Amplifier for Seniors Adults Audiologist Designed CIC PSAP Elderly Hearing Impaired Instrument - Completely Invisible in Ear Canal, Noise Reduction



Brand: Jungle Care

Color: Beige


  • √ = Anniversary Celebration – Jungle Care – a real manufacturer of hearing amplifier products, decides to offer a REAL AFFORDABLE price with good quality in its Anniversary Celebration.
  • √ = Features – This CIC is small enough to be invisible in the ear canal with natural sound, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor scenarios.
  • √ = Accessories – Hearing aid BATTERIES / MAGNIFIER for reading user guide / CLEANING TOOLS (including brush, 6 different sizes of domes, wax guards filters) / SCREWDRIVER for adjusting the volume.
  • √ = Portable Gift Packaging – Thanks to American disigner Katherine J. Loth, the elegant design with Stars and Stripes, compact case with all needed accessories inside.
  • √ = Quality Guarantee – Jungle Care strives to provide excellent service to our customers. 45-day hassle free returns. 1-year warranty. Please contact with us directly when you need any service.

Package Dimensions: 33x86x23

Details: Peak Output: 112dB
Peak Gain: 30dB
Battery Size: 10A

What’s in the package:
1 Hearing Amplifier(PSAP)
1 Hearing aid battery
6 Ear dome tips/domes
1 Screwdriver for adjusting the volume
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Travel Case
1 User Guide
1 Gift Box

Before you start using our devices, we’d like to share with you some useful tips on how to better use Jungle Care’s hearing amplifiers. Please read the below content carefully.

1. According to the latest regulation on transport safety, batteries are prohibited when shipping hearing amplifiers. So there will be no battery contained in our packaging and you may need to prepare size 10A hearing amplifier battery by yourself.

2. Before you put on the Jungle Care’s hearing amplifier, please make sure that the VC wheel is not at the highest level.

3. You will find 6 differentt domes packed in the box. If you are not sure which size is most suitable for your ear canal, choose the medium one and try one by one.

4. When you put on Jungle Care’s hearing amplifier for the first time, feel the sound, then take it off and use the screwdriver to adjust the volume until you can hear clearly and comfortablely.

IMPORTANT: If you hear the whistle, take off your hearing amplifier and try Step 4 once again. If you can still hear the whistle, replace the dome with a larger one.

6. If you feel uncomfortable due to the occlusion effect, replace the dome with a smaller one. The occlusion effect might happen within the low frequency range (below 400Hz).
7. We do not recommend you the Rayovac’s hearing aid battery. They have just updated their version to make the battery thicker, which may break the battery door when installing.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact. Hope you enjoy our products!