Luxet 3 Pack UPDATED Foldable 32 Inch & 19 Inch Steel Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool and Strong Sturdy Shoehorn Dressing Aid Stick For Elderly and Seniors Made With Strong Steel Great Hip Replacement Kit



Brand: Luxet


  • INCLUDES – Luxet 3 piece combo includes the 2 NEWEST VERSION foldable steel most popular and useful reacher grabber stick with strong grip claw and magnetic tip that allows you to use this pick up stick for trash, litter and garbage. It comes in the most two convenient sizes 32″ and 19 “to help reach and collect small or large items easier. Its great for picking up remotes or broken glass pieces. The Shoehorn dressing stick great for the elderly. Handicapped, surgery, bulb remover and Much More.
  • EXTRA LONG EXTENDING REACH: With ranges of 32 and 19 inches, you’ll be reaching areas you normally can’t with your arms! It makes cleaning up and collecting trash and litter a breeze so you never need to get your hands dirty and keep your environment free of garbage. Garbage Trash grabbers and pickers Litter claw pickup stick reacher. Trash Picker Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool
  • STRONG GRIP AND MAGNETIC PIECE: The arm grabs items utilizing a claw grip that clutches and releases with a simple press of a button. It also comes with a nifty magnetic piece that’s great for picking up coins, keys, and other metallic objects for quick and simple collecting. 19 and 32 inch Pick up stick grabber. Egg grabber. Mobility aid grip hand, handy assist tool for nursing homes and parks. Grabber reacher tool for elderly nifty nabber reachers for disabled wheelchair grabber
  • SHOEHORN DRESSING STICK – The Luxet 2 in 1 Multipurpose ShoeHorn & Dressing Tool Aid Is Made to Help pregnant woman, disabled, handicapped, after surgery with Putting on their Shoes, Sneaker and even Socks And on the other side has 2 Hooks to Assist with Getting things Hanging on Top
  • A SAFE WAY TO GET WHAT YOU NEED: No more having to get the shaky step stool or ladder that can lead to falls – our grabber lets you get whatever you desire without having to risk accidents. It’s a must-have in medical facilities and elderly care to minimize physical strain. Medical Supplies equipment long reach reacher grabber tool for elderly household items hand grippers for reaching reachers grabbers and pick up tools hand grabbers heavy duty pikstik arm extender grabber

Package Dimensions: 62x435x740

Details: Newest Combo Version Updated with a STEEL body and STEEL inner cord making this the strongest most durable reacher grabber tool! The Dressing Stick has been upgraded not bend and break. Not everything is in arm’s reach. It always feels like your arm’s length is just a few inches short from grabbing that box of cake mix from the top shelf of your cupboard or your favorite pair of sock that somehow ended up under your bed. With Luxet, those extra inches on your arm are here to stay with the brilliant long reach grabber tool! You can finally reach areas you couldn’t before and pick up things without overexerting yourself. PRODUCTS FEATURES Great Extensions: Up to 19″ and 32” Reach Premium Stainless Steel Body, Plastic Pincers Compact and Foldable Comfortable Ergonomic Handle Magnetic Grips Easily Grab Metallic Objects Lightweight Construction for Easy Operation and Mobility Great for Elderly Use, Nursing Homes, and Medical Facilities PERFECT FOR Picking Up Trash, Litter, and Garbage Coin Collecting Cleaning Up at Home Safely – Collecting Glass and Ceramic Shards Getting Items in Top Shelf and High Places Reaching Tight Hard to Reach Spots: Underneath Beds, Behind Dressers Everyday Grabbing for Physically Impaired EASY TO USE GRABBING TOOL Using the comfortable handle and easy-access button, you’ll be grabbing anything and everything in no time. It quickly clutches and releases the claw so you never have to do too much to get what you need. It even comes with a magnetic piece that functions to firmly secure metal items. EASY TO USE Shoehorn Dressing Stick How to Use – To securely Lock the Shoe Horn In place, make sure the stick is straight and Push the Black Button in the middle and to release do the same A SAFE WAY TO GET WHAT YOU NEED When things are too high, you may consider grabbing a chair to give you a boost but that’s not always a good idea. Unstable stepping stools and ladders can lead to falls so you may need to consider other options. It’s also great f

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