Mobility Cup Holder for Adults - Portable Drink Holder for Wheelchair - Compatible with Walker, Rollator, Transport Chair or Scooter - Easy to Install, Removable, Adjustable & Foldable Cup Carrier



Brand: Easy To Use Products


  • FIRM, SECURE & ADJUSTABLE: Our drink holders can be raised or lowered for tall and short cups, bottles, or glasses. This wheelchair cup holder attachment keeps your drink stable and prevents spilling making it an amazingly sturdy cup holder.
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED!: The easy to install cup holder is built with a nonslip strap that grips tightly to your walker, rollator, wheelchair, transport chair, or mobility scooter.It can be installed without tools and holds onto round or rectangular objects effortlessly making it an easy fit cup holder for walkers.
  • CONVENIENT FOR EVERYDAY USE: Specially designed for seniors, we’ve created thisproduct to help elderly men and women. The wheelchair compatible cup holder is a great detachable cup holder for seniors who use mobility devices and want easy access to their drinks. The cup holder for wheelchair can also be used as a cup holder for strollers.
  • FOLDABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & PREMIUM QUALITY: The folding cup holder has flexible straps that can wrap around tubes of up to 1.25” diameter. This lightweight cup carrier can be folded down flat when not in use. This helps prevent damage to the cup holder while you are moving or stationary and helps avoid touching walls or furniture.
  • DURABLE & HOLDS 2 LBS: The quality materials used in this wheelchair cup holder for manual chair & power chair are strong enough to hold your heaviest drinks. Thisdurable cup holder for chair can also be used as a water bottle cup holder for adults.It is made from a heavy-duty ABS plastic that can last for years. The holder is compact, measuring just 5.5″ x 4″, and is lightweight, weighing only 0.24 lbs.

Package Dimensions: 52x180x119

Details: The Perfect Mobility & Wheelchair Adjustable Cup Holder to carry your drinks easily! We designed our high-quality, heavy-duty Mobility Cup Holder for anyone who requires easy and efficient access to their beverages while traveling or while at home. This wheelchair cup holder for power-chair & scooter is useful for elderly or disabled people who struggle with reaching and bending. You can mount this cup carrier for adults on most manual and electric mobility devices, like walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, and scooters. Simply attach the strong straps to the side of your mobility device for easy access to your drink whenever you are needing to quench your thirst. The cup holder for elders can carry most small and large cups, bottles, glasses, and mugs. This portable carrier for cups and tumblers holds on tight to your beverage, making sure that it won’t spill while you walk, roll, or even zoom to your destination. The Wheelchair Cup Carrier is made of sturdy ABS plastic that can last for years. The portable lightweight cup holder’s dimensions are 5.5″ x 4″, and weighs 0.24 pounds, making it the perfect size and weight for portability while traveling. The grip is super easy to install thanks to its simple design and the handy instructions included in the packaging. The large wheelchair cup holder requires no tools during installation. The removable cup holder comes pre built and ready to use. Features of the versatile cup holder: Flexible Straps – hassle-free attachment Easy to attach cup holder – NO TOOLS REQUIREDFoldable drink holder Compatible with wheelchairs, strollers, mobility chairs, scooters, walkers, rollators Provides a grip for your drink Removable drink holder No-spill cup holder while moving Holds up to 2 lbs of weight Suitable for Big and small cups Adjustable height cup holder Best for adults and seniors who are unable to bend Tough wheelchair cup holder built with the best materials

UPC: 711379007612