Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier CIC ASAP to Assist Hearing with Affordable Price and Battery-Free Lifestyle



Brand: Jungle Care

Color: Black & Beige


  • 1* RECHARGEABLE – 4 hours for fully charge and lasts for 2 days. Thus you could say goodbye to the disposable batteries.
  • 2* READY-TO-WEAR – A practically invisible natural hearing experience. On/off button which is rare to see in the design of hearing amplifier industry. Simply fit and go. It also has a VC wheel to help users very easy to adjust the volume without using any tools.
  • 3* APPLICABLE SCENARIOS – You could wear it indoor or outdoor, meeting or dating, in the restaurant or in the concert hall.
  • 4* GIFT PACKAGING – Exceptional design of the gift packaging. Take it as a gift to your parents, your friends, your brothers and sisters, and the most important – yourself. Including 3 different sizes of ear domes for different ear canals.
  • 5* WARRANTY – This item is fulfilled by Amazon, and 100% follows the Amazon’s warranty policy. So no doubt your benefit will be very well protected.

Package Dimensions: 43x152x181

Details: The Jungle Care Waltz delivers a natural hearing experience in its discreet size, instant fit, and exceptional sound quality with the latest rechargeable function.

Each fully charge only needs 4 hours and could lasts 2 days at most.

How to wear the Jungle Care Waltz hearing amplifier:
1. Give it a fully charge before your first wearing.
2. Before you put on the Jungle Care’s hearing amplifier, please make sure that the VC wheel is NOT at the highest level.
3. You will find 3 different sizes of domes packed in the case. If you are not sure which size is most suitable for your ear canal, choose the medium one and try one by one.
4. After wearing it properly, turn on the device and feel the sound, then adjust the volume.


1. Switch to Off button when you are not using it to extend the battery life.

2. The research results of audiologists show that wearing a pair is much better than wearing a single hearing amplifier.

3. IMPORTANT – Please make sure you have chosen the suitable hearing amplifier dome. Because if the dome size is smaller than your ear canal, the sound of receiver(speaker) might be leaked and re-picked by the microphone time and time again, thus you will hear a squealing; If the dome size is larger than your ear canal, you might feel uncomfortable due to the occlusion effect within the low frequency range (below 400Hz).

4. Before you purchase, there are some situations might cause the Jungle Care Waltz be not a good fit for you:
A)If you have a profound or severe hearing loss, please see an audiologist before buying online.
B)If you have a very small ear canal, this device might be a little big to you. You could go to our storefront and find another device named Faye, which is smaller than Waltz.
C)If you have ear infection like Otitis Media, you should go to a doctor first before wearing any device.