ResQUp Self-Help Senior Lift | Get Up from Floor | Lightweight Strong Portable Easy to Use and Store | No Assembly No Slings No Pumping (Graystone)



Brand: ResQUp

Color: Graystone


  • Safely helps seniors and disabled persons help themselves get up to a seated or standing position following a fall
  • Easily stored, portable, lightweight (15 lbs), strong (supports 300 lbs), and affordable
  • No assembly or accessories required and no electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic motors and no complex mechanical systems to install
  • The ResQUp is a Veteran-owned business and is 100% made in the USA.
  • See PRODUCT DESCRIPTION below before you order. The ResQUp may NOT provide a solution for getting up from the floor in all situations

Package Dimensions: 305x800x7257

Details: The ResQUp is an innovative and versatile patient lift and mobility aid developed specifically to help elderly and disabled people get up from the floor following a non-injurious fall. The ResQUp simply gives a fallen person a way to negotiate up to a chair height (generally ~18 inches) by one of two methods; 1) pushing themselves up using their hands, or 2) pushing themselves up using their elbows with minimal or no additional assistance from a caregiver. The ResQUp is particularly useful in situations where an individual does not have the physical strength or ability to get up from the floor by other means, but wants to get up to a seated or standing position by themselves or with minimal assistance from a caregiver. The ResQUp complements safe patient handling programs and other lift systems. The ResQUp has utility in a wide variety of outpatient, assistive care, independent living, emergency rescue, and in-home settings. Mobility and strength training are additional benefits of the ResQUp. The ResQUp was designed and patented by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified ergonomist and is listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Transfer Aid.