Senior ICare Knee Warmers, Elastic Cotton Knee Sleeves - For Women, Men, Circulation Improvement and Joint Pain Relief for Arthritis Knees, Knitted Binchotan Charcoal Yarn, One Pair, Made in Japan




Color: Grey


  • ✅ KNEE WARMERS FOR ARTHRITIC KNEES. Gradually helps to relief pain by improving blood circulation. Leveraging Japan science, the knee braces is knitted using Japan Binchotan charcoal yarn which emits far infrared (FIR) rays. The rays can help to improve blood circulation and enhance comfort. Japan widely adopts Binchotan as leg warmers or knee socks.
  • ✅ KNEE WARMERS for WOMEN and MEN. Keep knee warm without getting hot (NO instant heat effect). The cotton material is excellent for knee warming. Particularly good in winter for elderly who suffers from osteoarthritis, arthritis or joint pain. It is a kind of thermal knee warmers for arthritis. Unlike other thick fur type material, this knee warmer is thin, lightweight and easy to wear under brace or undersleeve.
  • ✅ BREATHABLE knee protector. This knee support is made from cotton, which is among the best breathable material. It helps absorbing sweat easily, while Binchotan charcoal material is known for perfect moisture absorbent. Binchotan reduces odor from sweat. Cotton fabric and Binchotan provide necessary heat retention while keeping the knee warm.
  • ✅ NO COMPRESSION. Strong compression will hinder blood circulation. This grey color knee band mainly helps blood circulation. It is lightweight, comfortable knee warmer that does not exert compression so you can wear it all night. It may slide down if wear for running, walking or excessive movement.
  • 👍 100% Japan made, not China. Only 1 size, Fits leg circumference from 14” – 22”. Product size: around 9” x 4″.

Package Dimensions: 27x265x82

Binchotan charcoal is popular and widely used in Japan in various products. Our knitted knee sleeve is using Binchotan charcoal drawn yarn.
✅ Binchotan charcoal emits
infrared rays between 4 and 14 microns which
improves blood circulation and keep knees warm. Blood circulation is the crucial factor enhance knee comfort.
✅ Negative ions are found to produce a sense of well-being in the body and help relaxes the mind. Binchotan can generate negative ions and hence neutralizing the harmful positive ions.
✅ Binchotan absorbs moisture (e.g. sweat), then releases it when conditions become drier. It protects from dampness and molds.
✅ Binchotan is deodorizer itself – absorbs bacteria which causes unpleasant smell.

Why Cotton knee sleeve?
Cotton is soft, stretchy, good for breath-ability and absorb moisture.
Due to knitted cotton fabric, stitch is inevitable. Functionality of product is not being affected.

What kind of knee sleeves are more suitable for elderly? And with arthritis knee pain?

NO STRONG compression. The knee sleeves will not feel tight and will not restrict knee movement. Strong compression will restrict blood circulation, according to Japan study.

It may slip down if wear for running or walking.
Keep warm. Inner side is pile knit with a soft feel. Heat retention and comfortable to wear.
Good breath-ability.
Not too thick nor too thin.

Product specification
One Size : Fits leg circumference from 14” – 22”
Package :
1 pair of knee sleeves
Product size: around 9” x 4″.
Actual length coverage after put on depends on leg size.
Product weight: 1 oz (30g) x 2 sleeves
Material: Cotton, polyester, acrylic, rayon, polyurethane.

Made in Japan. See
Japan Certificate of Origin in photo.

UPC: 633632016769