Skil-Care 30 Degree Single Bed Wedge Pillow (7" x 12" x 34") | High Density Foam Cushion for Back, Body & Side Sleeping Support & Injury Recovery



Brand: Skil-Care

Color: Blue


  • Optimal Pressure Relief – Effortlessly relieve painful pressure and prevent bed and pressure sores while recovering from surgery, physical therapy and pregnancy. The Skil-Care 30 degree high density foam wedge is the optimal angle for comfort and pain relief.
  • Easy to Clean – The specially engineered Low-Shear II outer cover is water resistant and can be wiped clean and disinfected between use. This durable but comfortable outer covering helps reduce skin damaging friction and irritation from skin on pillow contact.
  • Stays Secure – It’s important your bed wedge pillow stays in place while in use. The high grip non stick bottom will let patients get full body weight support without moving. However, the entire pillow is easy to move and reposition when lifted off the bed.
  • Won’t Sag or Deform – Our latex free bed cushions are made in the USA with high density smooth or convoluted foam that will maintain its shape for years of use and pressure relief. The pillow works in multiple positions including as a sleep apnea and acid reflux relief cushion.
  • Happy Patient Guarantee – Skil-Care products make life better and safer for patients while assisting nurses and therapists in providing quality care without compromise. We back up our products with our Happy Patient Guarantee. Join thousands of satisfied patients…Click Add-to-Cart Today!

Package Dimensions: 165x914x771

Details: Heal and Recover in Comfort Do you need positional support while sleeping or lying in bed due to surgery recovery, injury, a medical condition or pregnancy? Each wedge features an optimal 30 degree angle to help prevent bed sores and pressure sores, while helping alleviate pain and discomfort on the coccyx, hips and pelvis when used as a side sleeper. The bed wedge pillow can also be used up against your headboard to provide upper body assistance for people who suffer from sleep apnea, GERD or other medical issues. Customize Your Position The 5 most common ways to use this body position wedge: Back Side Sleeper – Relieves Pressure and Promotes Post Surgery Healing Front Side Pregnancy Sleeper – Relieves Pressure on the Stomach and Hips Upper Back Sleeper – Angles Your Upper Body 30 Degrees Ankle Wedge – Elevates Your Ankles While You Rest Ankle Blanket Support – Keeps Your Blanket Off Your Feet (Good for Gout) Premium Materials You’ll see, feel and appreciate the premium construction and materials of our USA Made bed wedge pillow. Our durable outer covering is 100% latex free, durable and easy to wipe clean and disinfect. The non stick bottom surface ensures the pillow doesn’t move around or out of position while you sleep. The Skil-Care Commitment Designed for nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and homecare settings worldwide. Skil-Care products make life better and safer for patients while assisting nurses and therapists in providing quality care without compromise. Dimensions 7” x 12” x 34” 30 Degree Angle Join thousands of happy patients, caregivers and medical professionals…Click Add-to-Cart to order your 30 degree single bed wedge Today!

UPC: 010315365466