Smart Caregiver® Light Outlet with Cordless Grey Floor Mat and Cordless Alarm - Turns on a Light When They get up and alerts a Caregiver in Another Room!



Brand: Smart Caregiver Corporation


  • This product is great when used to remotely turn on a lamp or light when someone gets out of bed!
  • Plug in any lamp or light to the Smart Light Outlet that will turn on once someone steps on the Cordless Floor Mat
  • Smart Light Outlet fits into any grounded power outlet and receives a signal from the floor mat to activate a light plugged into it
  • Cordless 24in x 48in Grey Floor Mat will send a signal to the Smart Light Outlet and to the Cordless Monitor when pressure is applied to the mat
  • System includes a Smart Light Outlet, a Cordless 24in x 48in Grey Floor Mat, and a Cordless Monitor.

Package Dimensions: 76x622x2517

Details: The Smart Light Outlet will turn on a light when triggered by the Cordless 24″ x 48″ Floor Mat. The Cordless Monitor will alert a caregiver in another room. The Smart Light Outlet allows you to plug in any standard lamp or light source to create a safer environment by providing illumination when someone gets out of bed. The light will remain on until the outlet has been reset by the caregiver. This package included a Smart Light Outlet,a Cordless Floor Mat and a Cordless Monitor. Packages are also available with a Bed Pad instead of a Floor Mat. We suggest an AC-04 adapter as an alternative to frequent battery replacement. Sold separately.

UPC: 812293011973