Sock Ox - Extended Length Sock Remover and Long Shoe Horn - Easy On and Off Stocking Slider - Dressing Aid for Senior Men and Women



Brand: Easy To Use Products


  • Pain Free For You Or Loved Ones: Stop bending, straining, and stretching uncomfortably to take socks and shoes on and off. Arm extensions make it easy to reach without pain and the smooth plastic is more comfortable on bare skin!
  • Easy Setup & Storage: Designed for seniors, the Sock Ox can be used by anyone with mobility needs to put on or remove socks and shoes. It’s collapsible design makes it perfect for travel and storage!
  • Extends up to 36”: Extended length sock removal tool has 3 adjustable lengths for all heights. No need to buy multiple tools, the Sock Ox is a 3-in-1 solution that saves time and money.
  • Long Handle Shoe Horn Built-In: When it comes to shoe horns for seniors this is the #1 product on the market. The long plastic shoe horn is ideal for the elderly, diabetics, pregnant women, etc.
  • USA Made High Quality Design: Extremely well made by USA manufacturer, the Sock Ox is made from strong, durable plastic to withstand pressure & stress.

Package Dimensions: 49x255x358

Details: Stop bending, twisting, turning and straining to remove your socks and shoes! The Sock Ox sock removal aid and extended shoehorn is the #1 Made in the USA mobility device for senior citizens and users with limitations, injuries, and pregnancy. This item works with all kinds of stockings (dress, casual, athletic, compression & other hosiery) & works as a shoe horn all-in-one! The Sock Ox acts as a sock puller aid for easy on and off application of socks of all sizes while the shoehorn reduces issues getting into and out of the shoe itself. This item replaces all the single tools you might be using including a short handle shoe horn, stocking donner, and sock slider. The Sock Ox is an improvement over the other as seen on TV sock helpers. This new product has quickly become the #1 sock helper easy on easy off tool on the market. Through our patented technology we have solved for durability, length extension, storage, and cloth variations. We offer a competitive return policy and have US-based customer service staff to help with any order issues. Easy to Use Products make a full line of mobility devices. Our years of experience dedicated to improving daily living aids for the elderly, handicapped, injured, or predisposed has given up a unique insight to the needs of our consumers. We believe this advantage, and our commitment to quality, is the secret to all our success for almost two decades. We are proud to be an American Made company and are proud to be helping our community live happier, healthier lives. Our motto is “We Make Daily Living Easy” and that is what we strive to do. We hope you’ll become an Easy To Use Product customer and let us serve you.

UPC: 711379007452