TV Ears Digital Wireless Headset System, Connects to Both Digital and Analog TVs, TV Hearing Aid Device for Seniors and Hard of Hearing, Voice Clarifying, DR Recommended-11741



Brand: TV Ears Inc

Color: Black


  • Works On any TV.Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility
  • Max SPL-120 dB. Infrared, Mono transmission type
  • Audio frequency response is 20 – 20,000 Hz

Package Dimensions: 65x273x739

Release Date: 26-07-2013

Details: The tv·ears digital is twice as powerful as the original and works with both analog and digital TVs so it will out with the TV you have now or one you may buy in the future. The tv·ears digital has helped millions of people hear television dialog clearly while eliminating complaints about loud volume or the need to buy expensive hearing aids. Put on your tv·ears and turn them up as loud as you want while others listen to the television at a comfortable volume. You can even put the TV on mute and listen through the headset only. Others in the room won’t hear a thing but we you will. Imagine watching television with your family again without fighting over the TV volume or listening in private while a loved one sleeps or reads. As thousands of our customers have said, “tv·ears has changed our lives”. Works on any TV including Plasma and LCD Televisions, digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility, Works with TV volume at any level, including muted, comes with TV Ears slide tips on the headset for added clarity and comfort, 125 decibels of power and 3 times more powerful than other headsets, changes 2 headsets at once, Ultra-lightweight headset-2 oz.

UPC: 669188117414